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Omersub, one of the world’s largest freediving and spearfishing manufacturer is known for its innovative way of thinking. Founded by the famous underwater hunter Valerio Grassi, this Italy headquartered company supplies high-quality equipment for all kind of divers. Those who choose an Omer freediving mask can be sure that they vote for a product that is made by professionals to meet the needs of underwater hunters and freedivers.


Omer is here to change what you think about freediving masks. Unlike classical masks, the Apnea comes with a single lens design and therefore provides such a clear vision that no other model on the market.

The lenses sit closer to the face making the field of view extremely wide and minimizing the internal volume at the same time, so equalization will be easy too.

The frameless design with soft silicone skirt makes it a great fit for most faces and ensures that it won’t leak. Spearfishermen and those who prefer a filtered-style lens can opt for the Omer Apnea Mirror that provides additional eye comfort and eliminates backscatter.

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The popular UP-M1 is not only the most celebrated Omer freediving mask but easily one of the best freediving masks overall. It is part of the Umberto Pelizzari product line and features an attractive, compact design.

It is certainly one of best-fitting masks available today for serious freedivers and underwater hunters who look for performance and reliability.

Thanks to the quality materials and the fact that there are no contact points between the mask and the forehead and nose, the UP-M1 offers unbeatable comfort. The nose pocket area is made of very soft silicone and designed to fit the Omer nose clip that allows effortless hands-free equalization.

The lens position guarantees a very low volume (lower than most frameless masks) without restricting the field of view. There are no blind areas when wearing the mask, however, the vision is a slightly narrower than you can experience with Seac M70 or Salvimar Noah.

Double feathered edge with internal lip ensures great seal, while the micrometric strap buckles that are connected to the facial not directly to the chassis allow easy donning and quick adjustments.

Zero Cubed

Featuring a 30% higher field of view than most common freediving mask, the Zero Cubed is one of those products on the market that is unbeatable in terms if vision and functionality. Its internal volume is so low that this mask requires clearing at depth of 60ft/18m only.

Thanks to the thoughtful construction and high-quality materials, this Omer mask is super comfortable especially at greater depths since there are no pressure points that would cause discomfort. It is a great choice for narrow face and offers a pleasant fit for those divers who have larger nose.

If it comes to design, Zero Cubed has a lot to offer. The exclusive look with details like milled surfaces to make clearing easier and prevent gloves to slip and the carbon appearance to avoid glare was created in cooperation with MOMO automotive design company.


After the success of the Zero Cubed and UP-M1, the Wolf is here to continue raising the popularity of Omer freediving masks. It is made with a technique that integrates the frame into the skirt. This makes the mask not only super lightweight, but also extremely comfortable even for wide face.

The nose pocket is very generous making this model a great choice for divers with larger nose. On top of this, Wolf is available in vibrant color variations so it is a good option if you are a not fan of the traditional black-only versions.

Omer Wolf freedive mask


The Alien a celebrated mask from Omer among spearfishermen since it made from dark rubber that doesn’t create reflection, so the hunter won’t get distracted by the light. Besides the matt black version, it is available in Black Moon, Camu Brown and Camu Green too. Those who often dive in high glare conditions can opt for the Alien Mirror.

This mask features a classical design with dual tempered glass lenses. Double feathered edge skirt ensures that it is a good fit for a wide variety of faces, while the wide split strap helps to reduce the pressure on the face and support the seal. The buckles are attached directly to the skirt to lower the weight and minimize drag when the diver resurfaces.


Omer Aqua is specially developed for deep freediving and spearfishing with the purpose of minimizing the air needed for equalization and offering a great seal that is supported by the pure 60 shores of silicone skirt. The outside of the nose pocket features a textured surface to make equalization easy even when wearing thicker neoprene gloves.

With only 110cm3, Aqua is one of the lowest volume masks. The position of the lenses is based on geometrical studies in order to reduce the internal volume but offering a great field of view. Also, this is a very sturdy mask with rigid, durable straps that won’t tear easily even if you use to keep your snorkel under it.


The Abyss is one of the oldest but still one of the most successful Omer freediving masks. The classical two-window designs and reduced internal volume makes it popular by spearfishermen and freedivers, moreover it is used by athletes too.

Unlike the newest Omer models, Abyss features a sturdy frame that ensures durability while remaining comfortable at the same time thanks to the very soft black silicone skirt. Another great aspect of this Omer mask is that optical lenses are available for purchase.

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