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Cressi freedive mask selection – Best models to choose

Cressi freedive mask models are popular among freedivers and spearfishermen because of good quality and affordable prices. Thanks to their know-how and experience in the industry, this Italian company a well-known, trusted name that supplies high-quality products worldwide since 1946. They maintain a significant presence in freediving as well as spearfishing since the earliest days of the sport. This still family-owned company is dedicated to serving sport enthusiasts at the highest level delivering full-line equipment, so no coincidence that buying a Cressi freediving mask is never a bad idea!

The best Cressi freediving mask models: comparison

Nanocompact, large nose pocket, low volume, wide view$$$Read on Amazon
Superocchioliquid silicone, hi-tech polymers, low volume, easy adjustment$$Read on Amazon
Metisexcellent hydrodynamic, compact shape, very low volume, lightweight design$$Read on Amazon
Calibroexcellent field of view, extended inclined lenses, fog stop system$$$Read on Amazon

Cressi Mask recommendations

Cressi offers a wide range of masks for all types of underwater activities, but for freediving and spearfishing, these are the best models in my opinion:

  • Nano
  • Superocchio
  • Metis
  • Calibro

Read the reviews below to decide what is the best model for you! Make sure to read my how to choose mask for freediving tips too!

Cressi masks for freediving

Cressi Nano

This classical-looking Cressi freedive mask is one of the best freedive masks that is highly recommended for advanced freediving as well as spearfishing.

Classical Cressi Nano mask recommended by PROs

Classical Cressi Nano Mask

The Cressi Nano is a nice, small, and compact great fitting 2-window mask with a large nose pocket for divers with small or medium face. Easy to equalize due to the low internal volume. The semi-frameless design with two separate lenses provides a wide field of view thanks to the teardrop shape. Comfortable, flexible buckles for easy adjustments. The double skirt made of soft silicone offers a wide sealing area.

Cressi Metis

Metis is the second most celebrated Cressi freedive mask after Cressi Nano, designed for advanced freedivers and spearfishers. Excellent hydrodynamic, compact shape, minimal internal volume, and lightweight design make the Cressi Metis freediving mask a great choice. Inverted teardrop lenses made from tempered glass ensure a clear view.

Cressi Metis low volume mask

Cressi Metis Low Volume Mask

The easily adjustable double button buckles and wide anatomical silicone skirt with a double feathered edge ensure the perfect seal and extra comfort. One hand nose pocket provides easy equalization even when wearing thick gloves. Cressi Metis is available in black, brown, green colors, with clear, yellow, and HD mirror lenses.

Note: mirrored lenses are useful while spearfishing since they prevent the fish making eye contact with the hunter and increase the possibility of a good shot. Yellow lenses help to reduce glare at the surface. For classical freediving, clear lenses are the best!

Cressi Calibro

The newest Cressi freedive mask model comes with exclusive construction systems providing lightness, low internal volume (85 cm3) and excellent field of view. Cressi Calibro features a medium dimensions frame and skirt for a comfortable fit. Thanks to the reduced lens/face distance to avoid suction effect, this freediving mask simply settles on the face.

Cressi Calibro Freediving Mask

Cressi Calibro Freediving Mask

Cressi Calibro lenses extended via soft curved lines over the cheekbones for improved side visibility. The buckles assembled into the frame for better stability.

Cressi Calibro fog stop system

A new approach to solve the fogging problem, the Calibro Cressi freedive mask features a membrane that surrounds the inner nose pocket creating a barrier to stop warm air condense on the lenses. This system with your usual anti-fogging procedures can stop fogging throughout your entire dive. The practical matte coating prevents reflections.

Cressi Superocchio

A classical freediving mask that has been around for decades. It is one of the original low volume masks. However there are many new stylish models around, the Cressi Superocchio is still a widely-used freediving mask by not only freedivers but spearfishermen and divers too. An affordable, though Cressi freedive mask that fits a wide range of face types.

Cressi Superocchio Mask

Cressi Superocchio Mask

This is a freediving mask that you can use for years without having any damage or break, but if it needed, the strap or the lenses can be replaced. Thanks to the small size and minimal internal volume, it creates less drag and resistance. The strap attached directly onto the frame with hinged adjustment system. Wide skirt made from good quality silicone stops water from getting in.

Tip: not only the masks, but also Cressi freediving fins are popular and feature an excellent efficiency-performance ratio. If you need fins too, check out our best beginner freediving fins picks!

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