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Mares Freediving Mask – Which is the best to choose

When freediving, staying relaxed and calm is essential so you can fully utilize the oxygen in your lungs. To achieve this, it is crucial that you see under the surface of the water very well, therefore you need to have a freediving mask that fits properly, offers excellent visibility, and a complete seal. There are many models available on the market, but if it comes to the best ones, you can never go wrong with a Mares freediving mask like Viper, X-Free, Star Liquidskin, Sealhouette, or Tana.

These Mares Masks are recommended by Pros

X-Freelightweight, anti-reflective properties, silicone-reducing fogging effect$$Read on Amazon
Star Liquidskinexclusive mares patent, very wide field of vision, super low volume$$$Read on Amazon
Viperlightweight, anti-reflective properties, silicone reducing fogging effect$$$Read on Amazon
Raysoft touch, easy equalization, variable colors$Read on Amazon
Sealhouettedouble lens, soft silicone buckles, 8 colors$$Read on Amazon


When choosing a freediving mask, getting one that fits your face fully, without too much pressure or too long skirt is critical to your comfort. A properly sized Mares freediving mask will allow you to have full vision, comfort at the back of your head, and very little glare.

Mares X-Free Mask

Mares X-Free Freedive Mask

  • great seal
  • different colors
  • full vision

The Mares X-free low-volume mask is one of the best freediving masks out there. It has Thanks to the lenses’ position it provides an increased field of view and the hydrodynamic profile reduces frag in water. The new-technology silicone skirt minimizes fogging, moreover, it offers an excellent seal so you have full movement of your arms for spearfishing or stroking to go from duck dive to straight down. The nose pocket is designed to fit nose clip too.

Star Liquidskin

Those who freedive as a hobby or professional level know that no freediving mask fits all faces, so it is important to know your face type when looking for the perfect mask. The Star Liquidskin Mares freediving mask is an excellent option for someone with a bony or long face that thanks to its special construction allow better vision and perception of distance.

Mares Star Liquid Mask

Mares Star Liquidskin Freediving Mask

  • good fit for bony or long-face
  • special construction
  • durable silicone

The Mares Star Liquidskin is made with a durable, formed silicone base and a softer, more flexible silicone layer at the skin. This bi-silicone technology guarantees that even with a lot of plane variety in the bones of your face, you should be able to get this mask to fit well.

For maximum comfort, the strap is positioned closer to the head to reduce the frame’s pressure against the face. The ergonomic buckles offer quick and easy adjusting even when wearing gloves.

Mares Viper

Whether you’re just freediving to look or spearfishing to live, the Mares Viper mask is ideally suited for an active, mobile diver. Its special design offers superb ergonomic fit and allows wide viewing. This low-volume mask features straps with double buttons for precise adjustments and a non-reflective, soft finish inner skirt surface for maximum comfort.

Mares Viper Mask

Mares Viper Mask

  • special design
  • straps with double buttons
  • inner skirt

The Mares Viper could be a great addition to your freediving gear. It was developed with the sport’s best athletes so we can guarantee that wearing this mask keeps you visually connected to your task and safe from hazards as you focus on completing your dive.


When choosing a freediving mask for the first time, start with one that offers a very comfortable fit since at the beginning you need to fully concentrate more on learning the correct techniques without spending too much time dealing with your equipment. The Ray is one of the best masks for someone learning to freedive because it’s easy to reposition and offers quick clearing thanks to the soft-touch inserts on the frame and ideal nose pocket design.

Mares Ray Mask

Mares Ray

  • great price
  • easy adjustment
  • old style design

Mares freediving mask line offers a lot of variety in the shapes and placement, so this can be the one you use until you are comfortable underwater and you can adjust your mask as you progress.


The Sealhouette freediving mask is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to blend in and observe their fellow water creatures with a little stealth and creativity. It’s available in black and camouflage. This mask fits very close to the eyes and a high brow and long triangular field of vision beside the nose.

Mares Sealhouette Mask

Mares Sealhouette Mask for freediving

  • lenses are very close to the eyes
  • brow and long field of vision
  • lightweight construction

The lightweight construction and soft silicone skirt provide a comfortable wearing experience. The teardrop-style angled lenses guarantee a super wide field of vision, while the low volume design guarantees that equalizing the makes will require less effort.

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