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What freedive fin bag to buy? – The best models with pros and cons

Using a freedive fin bag makes transporting your equipment easier and also helps to protect your valuable gear from unwanted damages. Whether you are looking for a simple carry case or a solution to pack all your dive stuff, here you are on the right place to learn what type of freediving bag will meet your needs the most!

Freedive fin bag to types

Depending on your needs and the amount of equipment you wish to carry with yourself, you can choose between freedive backpack, longfin bag and mesh bag. All have their advantages and disadvantages so let see them in detail.

Freedive Backpack

The ultimate choice if you need not just a simple freedive fin bag, but a spacious sturdy model that can accommodate all your gear and maybe even your spearfishing equipment. A backpack style freediving bag provides you with extra comfort while carrying thanks to the padded shoulder straps.


  • comfortable to carry in the long run too
  • fits all your gear, no other bag needed
  • waterproof models are practical to use in the car or on motorbike without making everything wet
  • sturdy and durable


  • your wet stuff inside can get smelly if you leave it too long in the bag
  • if damaged, special glue needed to repair
  • can be heavy when fully packed

Freedive fin bag for longfins

Longfin bags that are designed specially to fit the popular and powerful long blade fins are good choice if you want a bag that protects your fins and makes transporting them easy. They are slim and lightweight, but not too spacious. Most models are designed to leave some room or extra compartment for the mask and snorkel and maybe some other small items like neoprene socks or gloves too. Also, you can find fin bags that don’t offer extra storing capacity and function as a protective carry bag only. In this case, you need an extra bag for your other gear.


  • protects the fins from damages
  • makes carrying easy
  • accepted as a carry-on by most airlines


  • sleek design, not suitable to store all your gear
  • comes with shoulder strap only, not comfortable in the long run
  • very few waterproof models available
Mares backpack style for freediving long fins

Mesh dive bag

Buying a mesh bag for freediving is probably the best and most affordable solution if you have a lot of things to carry. A duffle dive gar bag serves you not only as a freedive fin bag but can store all the equipment you need for your dive trip including mask, socks, gloves, wetsuit and other accessories. Dive mesh bags are big and long enough, so there is no need to worry that your long blade freediving fins won’t fit inside.


  • lightweight, takes very little space, collapsible
  • spacious, all your gear can fit in
  • quick and easy rinse off sand and salt while the gear is in the bag
  • lets water to drain and gear to air dry
  • quick drying material
  • transparent, you can see what is inside


  • doesn’t keep the water inside, therefore not practical to use inside the car
  • easy to damage or tear

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The best freedive fin bags

After reviewing the different types of freediving bags, see here the most recommended models from each category!

Mesh duffle bag with waterproof pocket

Store all your gear in one place and be always ready to dive! This compact and portable duffle bag is a one of the best freedive fin bags if you look for a versatile solution at a great price. Storing fins up to 37.5 inches / 95 cm, featuring high-quality rust-proof zips, D-clips and reinforced handles, this item is ideal for any type of diving trips. The breathable mesh allows self-draining and let your gear quickly air dry. When not in use, it is fully collapsible and takes very little space.

Mesh bag with waterproof pocket

Mesh Bag With Waterproof Pocket

Comparing to other brands’ mesh dive gear bags, this duffle bag has two extra features: shoulder strap and waterproof pocket. The adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying easier, while the exterior waterproof compartment saves your valuables from water damages.

Freedive fin bag with speargun carry system

A great backpack-style travel bag for long freediving fins at a reasonable price. This Scuba Choice 40 freedive bag is large enough to store you fins up to 40 inch / 101 cm and has enough room for your other gear too. Carry all your equipment including, mask, snorkel, gloves, socks, inflatable float and other small accessories effortlessly!

Scuba Choice Freediving Fin Bag

Scuba Choice Freediving Fin Bag

On the top of this, thanks to the speargun carry system on the side of the backpack, this freediving bag can be used as a spearfishing bag too! A drawback, that it is not waterproof so for carrying wet stuff inside might be not so ideal.

Cressi Gara backpack freedive bag

If you are looking for the perfect freedive bag that is durable, big and waterproof, the Cressi Gara Dry backpack is what you need! This waterproof freedive bag has a great advantage comparing to other models: it will keep not only you, but also your vehicle dry when transporting wet gear! No need to worry about cleaning sand, salt and dirt off from your car! Thanks to the padded shoulder straps and adjustable waist strap, it provides you with comfortable carrying no matter you get to your dive spot by walking or by motorbike. The roll-up closuring system ensures that the bag remains complete dry. The durable, highly-resistant PVC material keeps all the water in when carrying wet stuff after diving, and vice versa, it protects your dry gear from rain or splashing water on the boat.

Cressi Gara Backpack

Cressi Gara Backpack

The Cressi Gara bag is spacious and sturdy: it has a total capacity of 60 liters. You can store your fins in the front pocket and fasten them using the adjustable strap. The side fasteners provide you with the possibility to carry spearguns too.

MAKO longfins freediving backpack with cooler bag

This backpack style freedive bag is an absolute must-have if you are not only a keen freediver but spearfisherman too! An extra big model with 3 separated compartments and useful accessories like small pocket and D-rings that gives you plenty of room to keep all your gear organized.

Mako Longfins Freediving Backpack

Mako Longfins Freediving Backpack

The MAKO freediving bag can hold fins up to 43 inches / 109 cm, all your freedive gear and even 2 spearguns! The extra insulated cooler compartment makes it different from all other models. This practical addition is great to keep you drinks cold or even to store your freshly-caught fish between ice! Valuables like keys, cards or documents can be safely stored in the utility pocket. Comfortable shoulder straps make carrying not too tiring even in the long run, while the chest strap provides you with additional support.

Cressi Gara fins bag

This Cressi freedive fin bag is the best affordable model that fits longfins up to 36 inches (92 cm). A cheap and durable product. It is lightweight and small yet spacious to store and transport not only your fins but also mask and snorkel.

Cressi Gara Fins Bag

Cressi Gara Fins Bag

The Cressi Gara bag is made from durable nylon with robust YKK zip. The front part is transparent, allows easy view of the content.This functional freedive bag was designed for the Cressi Gara freediving fins, but of course can accommodate other fins that have the same measurements. It can be used as a carry-on bag on the plane (double check with your airlines). It comes with strong, adjustable shoulder strap and top-handle for easy-carrying.

Mares fins bag

The new Mares freediving fin bag is a great choice to protect and carry your fins. The new design with increased length is suitable for today’s popular longblade fins up to 39 inch / 100 cm. It is made of high-quality, light but durable materials. Moreover, this Mares freedive bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. The external document pouch is perfect to store your dive log and small valuables.

Mares Attack Fins Bag

Mares Attack Fins Bag

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