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Entry-level freediving fins – The best models for beginners

Buying the right entry-level freediving fins might seem difficult because there are many different models available from fixed-blade plastic to modular carbon ones. Therefore, we prepared this guide to help you find affordable and durable beginner freedive fins!

How to choose entry-level freediving fins?

Entry-level in terms of freediving fins does not mean that the mentioned fins are designed for amateurs only. Beginner freediving fins have many advantages that make them ideal to use in most conditions. Let’s see first what key points you need to check before you buy your first pair of entry-level freediving fins.

To learn more about fins make sure to read our choosing fins for freediving guide too.


Most beginner-freedive fins come with fixed blades. These are the simplest, cheapest, and most durable models. They are immediately ready to use, with no need for assembling or maintenance! As a downside, we have to mention that if you want to upgrade your fins as you progress with your freediving skills, you have to buy a new pair.

If you wish to have the flexibility of an optional blade upgrade, buy modular freedive fins. The beginner modular models are equipped with normal plastic blades, but later you can upgrade to fiber glass blades or even carbon if you would go for better performance. They are just a little bit pricier than fix-blade models, so it is worth paying the extra in order to have the possibility for an upgrade later on.


Entry-level freediving fins come with plastic blades that last longer than fragile carbon ones. Simple plastic blade fins are often used by advanced freedivers and spearfishermen too thanks to their great durability and lower sensitivity. Some divers use simple, inexpensive plastic blade fins for fun dives or diving in rocky areas, and save their fiberglass model for training and boat diving when the risk of unwanted damages is lower.

Tip: to protect your valuable fins from scratches, keep them in a freedive fin bag when they are not in use!


If you decide to choose fixed blades entry-level freediving fins, check if the stiffness will suit your body type. Search for the manufacturer’s advice on the hardness!

Generally, for beginner freedivers or for those who swim long distances on the surface, the best is to have soft or medium-hard blades. It is really a pain to swim on the surface with rigid, hard blades! Of course, if you have strong leg-muscles and/or have a bigger body type, choose hard blades, since a soft blade won’t be enough powerful to push your body mass through the water.


Beginner freedive fins are the most affordable ones! If you lose/damage them, you don’t need to rob the bank to get a new pair. Don’t decide on the price only, to find the best entry-level freediving fins that suit you the most, determine clearly your needs and future goals.

Best entry-level freediving fins with fix blade

Find here the most recommended beginner freediving fins from different manufacturers that come with simple fix-blade design:


Cheap freedive fins for beginner freedivers, but perfect for those too who want an inexpensive model that you can use on rocks without worrying about damaging an expensive one.

Mako Hunter Freediving Fins

Mako Hunter Entry Level Freedive Fin

  • polypropylene blades
  • thermoplastic rubber foot pocket
  • cheap

MAKO Hunter’s foot pockets are made of the thermoplastic rubber (same material used in high-end foot pockets). The highly flexible polypropylene composite blades are efficient and strong. The MAKO HUNTER is designed to maximize thrust and stability.

Tip: if you don’t mind to pay a few more bucks, go for the interchangeable MAKO Competition model which is easy to upgrade later on!


Extraordinarily light entry-level freediving fins with great effort-efficiency ratio. Very reactive while deep diving but performing well on the surface too. With reactive, lightweight polypropylene blades the Cressi Gara 2000 HF is one of the best, very popular model among beginners and advanced freedivers too.

Best for beginners

Cressi Gara 2000HF

Cressi Gara 2000 HF – One of the best for beginners

  • super light
  • polypropylene blades
  • anatomical foot pocket

The soft elastomer anatomical foot pockets provide perfect transmission of the leg-fin thrust. A suitably solid copolymer hardens some critical zones, and is extended along the sides too in two lateral stringers, which go halfway along the blade. Like this, it regulates and harmonizes the bending, and at the same time protects the foot from shocks and abrasions.

Tip: Blades are rather hard, if you need a soft blade freediving fin, go for Gara 3000 LD.


The Gara 3000 LD is designed especially for entry-level freedivers with softer blades that require less muscle effort and make these fins ideal for long-distance diving. Cressi targeted beginner freedivers with Gara 3000 LD, those who are not familiar yet using long blade fins. Thi model is comfortable and easy on the legs during long dives too. The foot pockets are made with 3 material molding process to ensure flexibility. Great beginner freediving fins for narrow to medium-wide feet.

Cressi Gara 3000

Cressi Gara 3000 LD

  • soft blades
  • ideal for long swimming
  • flexible foot pocket

Manufacturer’s recommendation: If you wear your fin with neoprene socks order the shoe size you wear. If you plan to wear them bare feet go one size lower.


High-quality, versatile, cheap beginner freediving fins. It is easy to travel with them thanks to the semi-long (50 cm) technopolymer blades. Reactivity and comfort meet in Mundial One. The blade’s fishtail shape provides better water flow and helps the easy guiding of the blade.

Freediving fins beuchat mundial one 50

It is a good fit for medium wide foot, although it is available from size 39, therefore it can be a good model for women too. The foot pockets are made of thermoplastic elastomer with reinforced instep.

My Pick

Beuchat Mundial Fins

Beuchat Mundial One-50

  • perfect for travel
  • comfortable foot pocket
  • very good efficiency
  • cheap

Tip: Beuchat has modular models too like Beuchat Mundial Sport which are just slightly more expensive, check them out!

Best modular beginner freediving fins

For the optional blade-upgrade possibility, it is always a good idea to choose freediving fins with interchangeable blades. Find here the most recommended entry-level models!


Great fins for money! Dual rubber compound foot pockets come with polypropylene blades for comfort and performance but with the option to upgrade later.

for narrow feet

Spora Sub Spitfire

Soprasub Spitfire Fin

  • perfect for women
  • different hardness foot pocket
  • polypropylene blades

The thermo-rubber foot pockets have two different hardness for the best comfort and performance with anti-slip patterns on the heel. The green part offers soft and comfortable contact with the ankle and toes, while the harder black part transmits power from the leg to the blade without dispersion. Using Sporasub Spitfire fins helps to eliminate skidding with water rails and greatly improves performance.

Tip: Sporasub designed a model, especially for women with narrow feet named Sporasub Spitfire in the size of 37-39.


The Cressi Gara Modular is one of the best entry-level freediving fins available on the market today with comfortable, great-fitting foot pocket and blade upgrade options. To be honest, the Gara Modular is a more advanced fin, but thanks to its great price we highly recommend it for beginner freedivers too.

Cressi Gara freedive fins

Composite material, self-adjusting foot pockets with soft rubber around the foot arch, a rigid part along the sides, and traction surface ensures maximum comfort. The lightweight and reactive thermo-plastic interchangeable blades are powerful but not tiring for the legs.

Best modular fin for beginners

Cressi Gara Modular

Cressi Gara Modular

  • more advanced
  • modular
  • great price
  • self-adjusting foot pocket

Note: The Cressi Gara Modular foot pocket is wider than the other Gara models. The manufacturer recommends using it with neoprene socks for the best fit. Freedivers advise buying one size smaller.


Inexpensive modular fins designed for narrow feet, available in small sizes too. The foot pockets are made of thermoplastic rubber with dual material density for maximum comfort and performance. The normal plastic blades are relatively soft, with a focus on flexibility and reactivity. Highly recommended entry-level freediving fins for those who spend longer time swimming on the surface. As you progress, you can change the blades to Camo or upgrade to fibrex/Motus Carbon. Also, most commercial blades from other brands fit the Seac Motus foot pocket.

Seac Motus

SEAC Motus Unisex Freediving Fin

  • optimal for narrow feet
  • wide range of size selection
  • good for surface swimming

Advice: get your shoe size pockets if you want to wear them with 2-3 mm neoprene socks. If your feet are really narrow, go one size lower.

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