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Freediving in Bali – Guide & Tips on when and where to go

With incredibly rich marine biodiversity, almost ‘any season’ ideal weather conditions, and warm people, the Island of Gods is one of the best destinations to freedive in the world if you seek out healthy reefs and rare species to see no matter your level of experience in the sport. This complete freediving in Bali guide tells you when to travel here and what places to visit!

Best time to go freediving in Bali

Bali is lucky to have a climate that makes it a year-round destination with good conditions almost every month. For the best conditions to discover Bali freediving spots schedule your visit for the dry season that runs from April to November with sunny weather and excellent underwater visibility. You might be lucky to have pleasant days in the short monsoon season too (December-March), but in this period heavy rain and high seas can affect the island.

Regarding the sea temperature, there is no need to pack thick wetsuits since the water is warm (26-29 C/78.8-84.2 F). However, it is always a few degrees colder at greater depths, so pack UV protective rashguard for surface and shallow training and a warm water freediving suit for open water dives.

Top Bali freediving spots

Jemeluk Bay – Amed

Amed is known as freedivers’ Mecca in Bali thanks to the clear waters, ideal depths, rich marine life, and calm seas which the most famous instructors use to hold courses and camps.

Underwater post office - Amed Jemeluk Bay
Underwater post office

Freediving in Amed is possible at several places in this little village since there are many beaches with easy water access along the coast, but definitely, the Jemeluk Bay area offers the most ideal conditions (and this is where most Bali freediving schools are operating). Beginners will certainly enjoy discovering the middle part of the bay where a shallow reef runs and even an underwater post office can be found, while advanced freedivers should head to the left corner where some underwater statues are submerged.

Amed pyramids freediving site
Pyramids freediving spot

For those who look for some interesting things to see, we suggest entering the water in front of the Kembali Beach Bungalows Hotel (which is an excellent place to stay by the way!). Close to the shore, the vibrant reef offers some of the most vibrant marine life with lobsters, clownfish, rays, morays, and turtles around, while if you continue swimming to the left (towards Agung Volcano) you will find the Pyramids. This artificial reef installation is made of neutral Ph concrete blocks and tires to create a new reef in the depth of 5-35 m/16-115 ft. A must-see place when freediving in Bali!

USAT Liberty Wreck – Tulamben

Tulamben is another little fishing village not so far from Amed that is also a top Bali freediving spot with good reason. Here you can discover an easily accessible wonderful World War II shipwreck.

The USAT Liberty’s 120 m/390 ft long body rests in the sandy bottom, the maximum depth is 29 m/95 ft while the top of the wreck lies only about 3 m/10 ft deep therefore this is an excellent place to go freediving in Bali both for beginners and advanced. There is a wide variety of hard and soft coral species to observe and an estimated 400 marine species in the area.

Corals at Tulamben shipwreck - Bali
Tulamben shipwreck

For the best visibility, the best time to explore the USAT Liberty is early morning. Also make sure to enter the sea carefully since it is easy to fall on the rocks and hurt yourself especially when there are waves.

When in Tulamben, make sure to check out the Coral Garden too! This wall/drop-off type dive site offers a lot to see: on top of a lively reef, expect to spot octopus, reef sharks, and of course, thousands of tropical fish!


The northern coast of Bali is not as popular as the busy southern areas, therefore it is an excellent location for those who look for relaxation and some of the best freediving in Bali. The small village of Pemuteran a perfect place to stay: although it has developed a lot over the years, it is still remains a hidden gem that is visited mostly by divers, yoga teachers, retreat participants, and nature lovers.

Pemuteran is also known as the most eco-conscious dive region in the country. Its dive sites are relatively untouched, therefore a wide variety of coral and fish species can be observed here. Moreover, in 2000, a coral nursery (Biorock project) was opened that is still being developed. This area is home to thousands of species such as octopuses, seahorses, turtles, and rays.

If you want to enjoy the slow side of the island and explore the most vibrant Bali freediving spots, make sure to spend some days in Pemuteran. When around, don’t miss out visiting the lively Menjangan Island marine reserve which is part of the Bali Barat National Park and features some of the best-preserved corals in the region.

Nusa Penida Island

Not many know that the 3 Nusa Islands (Lembongan, Ceningan, and Penida) southeast of the main island belong to Bali and offer superb conditions for all types of underwater activities. Out of these 3 destinations, Nusa Penida is our top recommendation when looking for the best conditions to go freediving in Bali.

Mantas in Nusa Penida - Indonesia
Mantas in Nusa Penida

Thanks to the nutrient-rich currents that run here the water is crystal-clear and the marine is pristine. Besides vibrant coral reefs, tons of fish and turtles, you will certainly encounter bigger species too. Manta rays can be spotted year-round in Manta Bay (better for snorkeling) and at Manta Point (diving and freediving spot) but if you come between July and November you might encounter a Mola Mola ocean sunfish too which is the heaviest bony fish in our oceans

Note: the currents can be extremely dangerous around the island, therefore never go diving alone. Contact one of the Nusa Penida Freediving schools and join guided tours!

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