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Do You Need A Freediving Computer?

Using a freediving computer is not essential, but due to some practical reasons, it is highly recommended to buy one. A freedive watch is not only tracking your dives data and checking your performance but also plays an important role when it comes to safety. Learn from this guide what benefits a freedive computer can provide you with and what the best models in 2023 are!

Why do you need a freedive watch?

Freediving is a sport that needs little equipment, but those few gear pieces have to be high-quality and well-chosen. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional freediver, it is worth investing in a freediving computer. Besides the most important depth and time information, it plans and tracks your surface intervals too which is one of the most important things in order to minimize the risk of a shallow water blackout.

On top of these, freedive computers that are designed especially for freediving are not bulky like dive watches, so you can use them as an everyday sports watch too!

Key functions of freediving computers include:

  • Dive planning
  • Depth measurements
  • Dive time tracking
  • Calculates the surface intervals
  • Increases safety by setting up alarms
  • Improves your freediving skills through dive analysis
  • You can check the water temperature and water conditions

Benefits of using a freediving computer

  • Enhanced Safety: By providing real-time depth and time information, alarms, and warnings, freediving computers help you to stay within safe limits
  • Accurate Data: Freediving computers offer precise measurements and data, allowing you to track your progress over time and make informed decisions about your dives
  • Efficient Dive Planning: These devices simplify the dive planning process, ensuring that you can plan your dives according to your limits and optimize surface intervals for safer and more enjoyable experiences
  • Post-Dive Analysis: Dive logs stored in the computer allow you to analyze your performance, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate milestones in your freediving journey
  • Confidence Boost: With access to real-time data and alarms, you can focus on your experience rather than constantly monitoring your limits, leading to increased confidence and a more enjoyable underwater adventure

In summary, freediving computers are essential tools for modern freedivers, providing accurate measurements, alarms, and dive planning features that enhance safety and enrich the overall underwater experience. These devices have become integral to the world of underwater exploration, allowing freedivers to push their limits while staying within safe boundaries.

Choosing the Right Freediving Computer

When it comes to choosing the right computer you need to check some key factors like:

  • Battery Life
  • Display type / size
  • Strap material and length
  • Connectivity

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The Best 5 Freediving Computers In 2023

When underwater, your watch has to deliver you the most accurate data that you can rely on. Correct statistics are not only crucial from safety aspects but also contribute to push your limits cautiously. Therefore, buy only quality gear from reputable manufacturers! Find here the introduction of a comparison of the best freediving computer 2023 models in from Suunto, Mares, Omer, Cressi, and Seac.

  • Suunto D4F freedive computer
  • Cressi Drake freedive watch
  • Mares Smart Apnea computer
  • Omer OMR-1 freedive wrist computer
  • SEAC Partner freediving watch

Suunto D4F freedive computer

SUUNTO dive computers have a great reputation in the dive gear market. The best-seller dive computers like the D4i or D6i also offer freediving modes, but the company introduced a model designed especially for freediving, the SUUNTO D4F freedive watch. Thanks to its stylish design and top quality, the SUUNTO D4F is one of the best 5 freediving computer models.

This extremely good-looking watch-style freedive computer is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and mineral crystal glass that make it robust yet light. With a maximum depth rating of 100 m / 328 ft, the SUUNTO D4F will be your reliable buddy on your underwater adventures. The easy-to-read screen displays the depth, time as well as surface intervals. The innovative apnea timer helps to improve your breathing technique while pool training. The graphical dive data logs can be transferred to your PC for easy review.

Suunto D4F for freediving

Suunto D4F Computer

Cressi Drake freedive watch

The Cressi Drake Titanium is a great choice if you need a dual-purpose freediving computer. You can wear it in everyday life as well as when in the water. During your dive, you can easily check your actual and maximum depth, dive time, and also water temperature which are displayed with large digits. On the surface, you will see the recovery time and the freedive time/recovery ratio. Thanks to the large buttons, it is easy to change settings even when wearing gloves. The depth and time alarm functions help to customize your computer for maximum safety.

All the data you need to review, like descent speed, depth, immersion, and surface time are recorded and can be transferred to your laptop through the infrared system.

Cressi Drake offers 4 dive programs:

  • STATIC: for static apnea training
  • DYNAMIC: for pool training
  • FREE: works best while spearfishing
  • PRO: for deep freediving
Cressi Drake Freediving watch

Cressi Drake Watch

Mares Smart Apnea computer

The Smart Apnea watch from Mares is an intuitive, good-looking model that is worthily listed as the best freedive computer in 2023. New software, high-performance microprocessor, and latest generation depth sensor guarantee that the Mares Smart Apnea computer will be your reliable buddy no matter how deep you dive.

This freedive watch has a very simple design so it is easy to operate, yet stores and displays all the information that you need in order to track your performance as well as the conditions. You can follow the depth, temperature, dive, and recovery time as well as descent/ascent rate. Easy to set up alarms like depth, time, speed, hydration, or recovery time. The LCD display with scratch-resistant mineral glass provides you with great visibility and reading. To download data or update the firmware, you just simply connect the computer via the dive link interface.

Mares Smart Apnea Computer

Mares Smart Apnea Computer

Omer OMR-1 freedive wrist computer

With its comfortable size and stylish appearance, the Omer OMR-1 is one of the best freediving computer watches you can find today. No more expensive battery replacement! Omer OMR-1 comes with a rechargeable battery. When contacting water, the dive mode automatically activates and you can start following real-time depth, temperature, and time data on the display. When resurfacing, the watch calculates and displays the recovery surface time.

The memory is able to store 200 dive records. The stopwatch and countdown modes are practical when training. To match your freediving wetsuit the most, OMER OMR-1 comes with extra camo straps. A great choice for spearfishing too!

Omer OMR-1 freedive computer

Omer OMR-1 Freedive Computer

SEAC Partner freediving watch

The SEAC Italian but worldwide present company is famous for supplying water enthusiasts with affordable yet quality gear no matter it is diving or freediving. The new SEAC Partner is a fairly-priced freediving computer that can be a great choice for beginner or intermediate-level freedivers or hobbyist spearfishermen.

A practical and easy-to-use watch that is able to record your freediving sessions up to 99 dives. It also informs you about the dive time, surf time, temperature, descent/ascent time as well as temperature. The screen is easily visible even in low light conditions thanks to the backlit display. The stopwatch and countdown functions help to improve training sessions.

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SEAC Partner Watch

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