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Fin keepers for freediving – What benefits they provide

Fin keepers are very useful, yet one of the most neglected accessories that can make your freediving sessions more comfortable by solving the problem of loose foot pockets. This article explains the benefits of using rubber fin straps, moreover features the best ones.

Why do you need fin keepers?

Using fin keepers helps to hold your feet in the fins so you won’t kick out of them. Wearing these inexpensive rubber straps provides the diver with a simple solution to secure over-sized or loose fins, as well as helps to increase the performance by optimizing the energy transfer.

You may have perfectly fitting freediving fins, but due to seasonality, you need to change the thickness of your booties from time to time depending on the water temperature. Divers often face the problem that when wearing thinner socks, or no socks at all, the foot pockets become loose.

Rubber fin keepers on Cressi freediving fins

Diving with too big fins causes not only discomfort (your kicks won’t be so powerful) but also may lead to dangerous situations (losing the fins in strong current or tough conditions). To solve these types of problems, instead of purchasing fins in different sizes, get a pair of fin keepers that will compensate the gap in your foot pockets

Another common issue is that the fins you wish to buy are good in length, but are too wide. However, some manufacturers offer freediving fins that are designed to fit narrow feet, but if you can’t get none of them, you can easily use rubber fin grippers to achieve a good fit. 

Benefits of using fin keepers

  • secure loose fins
  • prevent rubbing and sores
  • allows some flexibility regarding sizing
  • fins won’t come off in rough water
  • provide the diver with better energy transfer
  • increase performance
  • reduce noise and vibration

As you see, these simple and cheap accessories offering solution to various problems that may occur in relation with fins, so it is definitely wort to invest in them!

Tip: check out our how to choose fins for freediving guide for tips on how to choose a good fitting model!

How to use fin keepers?

Fin keepers are technically rubber straps that are very easy to use. Put on your socks and fins as you usually do, then place the keeper over your foot and around the heel part of the foot pocket. Move it around until you reach a tight, yet comfortable fit.

how to wear it? - correctly attached fin keepers

The best 3 fin keepers


These Riffe fin straps are made of the highest quality Japanese rubber that ensures durability and a secure fit. Get them if you struggle with over-sized foot pockets, and you will instantly notice that your kicks get powerful and diving becomes easier. This little piece of equipment is a must-have!

Riffe Fin Keepers with different sizes

Riffe Fin Keepers


  • Tight-fitting rubber with just enough stretch to fit
  • Durable and long-lasting quality


  • Limited color options
  • No clear sizing information provided

Overall, the Riffe Fin Keepers are a great option if you’re looking for a reliable solution to keep your fins secure during underwater activities.


The Mako fin straps kit includes 2 tight-fitting, durable silicone straps designed to use full-foot fins. Place them over the foot pocket and enjoy the snug fit they provide! Use them while scuba or freediving, but they are beneficial also while snorkeling and surfing!

Mako fin straps/keepers

Mako Fin Straps/Keepers


  • More stretch than rubber and are considered more comfortable and gentler on the skin
  • Designed to save energy during your dive
  • Useful when you wish to dive without socks


  • Sizing can be a bit tricky, so make sure to follow the size chart carefully
  • It can slip off during dives if not fitted properly

These fin keepers are a popular choice among competitive freedivers, freedive instructors, and high-level spearfishers. The silicone material is more flexible than rubber, making them more comfortable and gentler on the skin. They are also designed to hold your feet firmly in your fins, which can help you conserve energy during dives.

Scuba Choice

Scuba Choice is a leading dive gear manufacturer that supplies snorkelers, divers and freedivers with good quality gear. You won’t be disappointed in their fin straps! These stretchy, yet snug-fitting bands will keep your fins in place all the time for a comfortable water experience. For the best visibility, these Scuba Choice fin keepers come in yellow color.

Scuba Choice yellow fin keepers

Scuba Choice Fin Keepers


  • Tight-fitting rubber
  • Different colors
  • Easy install
  •  Excellent energy transfer 


  • Choosing the right size can be tricky, make sure to follow the size chart carefully

Buying Guide

When fin keepers, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best product for your needs. Here are some features to look for when choosing the right ones:


Fin keepers are typically made of either rubber or silicone. Rubber fin keepers tend to be more durable and long-lasting, while silicone fin keepers are softer and more comfortable to wear. Consider which material is most important to you based on your priorities.


Fin keepers come in different sizes to fit different types of fins (Usually S-M-L-XL). Make sure to choose a fin holder that is compatible with your specific fins to ensure a secure fit.


While not necessarily a functional feature, the color of your fin keepers can be important for visibility and style. Choose a color that matches your personal preferences.


Fin keepers are available at different price range usually around 10-20 bucks.

By taking these factors into account, you can find the best fin keepers for your needs.

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